YOUR TINY TIGER'S FIRST STEP TO LIFELONG HEALTH AND HAPPINESS! We're excited to teach your little ones martial arts and witness them experience the many benefits to their bodies and mind! Our Tiny Tigers program (suited for kids 4-6 years old) is the stepping stone to your child's progress. Every session will teach them how to: • Develop self-control physically, mentally, and emotionally • Build proper concentration, coordination, balance, and core training • Solve tasks and improve fine and gross motor skill development • Make new friends, practice teamwork, and social etiquette OUR CLASSES TEACH KIDS TO SET GOALS AND REACH THEM! As early as 4-6 years old, your little one must become equipped with problem-solving skills so they can accomplish tasks as efficiently and independently as possible with proper supervision. So when your little ones join our classes, they will not just have fun but also: • Learn to follow directions, finish tasks, and be self-sufficient • Strengthen memory processing, body, and spatial awareness • Develop good character judgment and behavior • Become motivated to finish one task at a time


WE TEACH KIDS PROPER BEHAVIOR IN AND OUT OF CLASS For children ages 7-12, this is the time they become exposed to various influences in and out of the martial arts environment. They must develop respect, discipline, and emotional strength so they may thrive wherever they go. Join us as we guide them to: • Interact with one another respectfully regardless of age or background • Master balance, coordination, and physical and mental focus • Practice proper and honest communication with their peers • Learn to say no, defend themselves, and choose good behavior SHAPING FUTURE LEADERS OF TOMORROW THROUGH MARTIAL ARTS! Martial arts classes do not just train students to do well in fitness and health but also build a character of integrity, honesty, and empathy. As a result, we're raising today's future leaders through classes that help them make responsible choices! Watch our kids as they: • Set goals, feel proud, and accomplish them confidently • Commit to goals and achieve them successfully • Learn the value of patience and hard work • Practice leadership skills and be good role models to everyone


GET STRONGER PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY WITH MARTIAL ARTS! Apart from exercise, there are many reasons that teens and adults 13 years old and up join our classes. We have action-packed and gratifying programs that have endless benefits for your body and mind! Join us as our martial arts classes help you: • Strengthen muscles, stretch joints, and boost metabolism • Improve your mood and disposition, and general health • Relieve body aches and pains and wake up refreshed • Have an excellent workout that will change your life! A TOTAL BODY WORKOUT THAT WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS Our martial arts curriculum will help you reach your short-term and long-term goals, fast-track your progress, and enhance your determination in all that you do! When you sign up for our classes, you are getting closer to your fitness dreams! Every class will guide you while you: • Alleviate stress, anxieties, and unnecessary worries • Be the master of your body and mind • Train together with students who will become your lifelong friends • Learn martial arts in a positive and warm atmosphere. It's never too late to start anew. See you on the training grounds! CLASSES THAT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND PROGRESS If you have a pre-existing medical condition that will affect your martial arts training or become aggravated with repetitive martial arts training, please see a doctor for a release before starting the martial arts program. Ask your instructor to modify techniques, strikes, and forms if you find them too difficult. LET'S FIND THE BEST WORKOUT THAT SUITS YOUR CONDITION AND NEEDS For some people, it might be enough to tone down the intensity of the movements. For others, it might be necessary to avoid certain techniques or movements altogether. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, so be sure to talk to us if you have any questions as we want the martial arts to be a fit for your lifestyle.


THIS IS NOTHING LIKE ANY CLASS YOU'VE TRIED BEFORE as this class was designed with the older individual’s ability in mind.

Low-impact, slow, and gentle movements that build joint strength, flexibility, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness

At your own pace and individual ability (modifications are encouraged and modeled)

Develop coordination and build balance you need to avoid falls

Boost cognitive functions such as memory and have increased energy levels

Make friends and meet like-minded older studentsin a safe and comfortable environment

Add healthy years to your life today…martial arts is a great way to slow down the aging process!

Uncertain if this class is for you or your loved one?

Come try a free class out! Text 512-430-1999 for more information and to set up a free class!


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