What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 4-years old and up. Our oldest student is 80 years old!

What style of martial arts is Kuk Sool Won™

Kuk Sool Won™ is the name of the art. A system that builds on each level achieved, it is a south Korean martial arts system that consists of traditional forms, self-defense techniques, falling techniques, weapons, kicking, punching, and a myriad of other skills forming a comprehensive system.

How much are classes?

For new students, we have a pass for a Free Week of Classes. After the free class pass, the introductory month is $99, which includes a martial arts uniform, white belt, and a month of unlimited martial arts classes.

I previously studied a different martial art. Can I keep the same rank?

Each Martial Art has its own requirements to reach a particular rank. While we recognize the work and dedication it takes to reach certain belt levels in another martial arts system, all students begin at white belt regardless of a rank achieved in another martial arts.

How often do I need to attend classes?

All students progress at their own pace, according to their own abilities, and are encouraged to attend as often as their schedule allows. We do ask for twice a week for color belt students and three times a week for DBN’s and Black Belt students. We offer an unlimited class schedule 6 days a week and private lessons are also available for reviewing curriculum and preparing for tests and tournament.

Where are you located?

Kuk Sool Won™ of Oak Hill Martial Arts is located off of Escarpment and William Cannon, in the Hecho en Mexico Shopping Center.


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